Tuesday, 19 June 2012

#913: Like Clockwork

Rioriel's daily World of Warcraft screenshot presentation of significant locations, players, memorable characters and events taken on the European roleplaying server The Sha'tar, assembled in the style of a postcard series. -- Postcards of Azeroth: Like Clockwork, by Rioriel of theshatar.eu
"If survival was your first priority, you could never be a real Engineer!"

Postcards From Azeroth is three years old today, so thank you to everyone who reads, subscribes, follows, comments, submits and enjoys!

There are some surprises planned for the next milestone and I'll be working hard on those over the summer - extra thanks to those who are supporting those - I'll keep everyone updated! In three years I've flagged 83 posts as personal favourites, and invite you to pick yours and let me know!  ~ Humbled, Professor Rioriel (got that title last night!) x #dragons

ARCHIVES: #1 Lordaeron || #365 Aerie Peak || #700 Rioriel of Ravenholdt

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