Q: Are you still posting?
A: Eh, not really. I'm still playing (pet battling, mostly) but not focused on Azeroth currently. I'll post cool things from my screenshot folder as and when  find them. - Rio, July 2014.

Q: How do I contact you?
A: At PFazeroth@gmail.com or @whitegreengray.

Q: How many different tags are there?
A: 1,759. Alphabetically A-L and M-Z.

Q: I can't see any of your images, why?
A: I host on photobucket.com. It's probably down.

Q: Do you use the Beta or PTR for your blog entries?
A: All Postcards are from live realms, usually The Sha'tar EU.

Q: Are desktop wallpaper versions available?
A: I've got desktop-sized originals for nearly every Postcard. Contact me.

Q: Can I reproduce your entries on my blog?
A: Yes if you credit and link to postcardsfromazeroth.com. Tweet me too, I'll read!

 Q: Do you accept submissions? I've got this hilarious shot of me on a mount in the AH.
A: Not regularly, but you're more than welcome to contact me about submitting to PFA.

Q: I'm looking for a shot of XYZ, can you help?
A: Check the Tags: A-L and Tags: M-Z pages for every tag used (listed alphabetically), or you can browse the Zones, Races, Classes and Factions pages.

Q: What do the icons mean on some of your Postcards?
A: They identify faction-specific Postcards, a special series of themed shots, or locations that were drastically altered in later expansions (use tags to compare).

Q: Can I be added to your Blogroll?
A: Sure, get in touch! I add active gaming blogs that I'd subscribe to. I also admin the Twisted Nether Wiki, so if your WoW blog isn't already included on there, submit!

Q: What image manipulation do you use? What about Model Viewer?
A: I colour, focus and frame shots, and paint out nameplates as need be, but nothing artificial is added and is exactly as can be recreated on a live server at the time of taking the screenshot.