Saturday, 6 October 2012

SPECIAL #49: WyriMaps and Geotagging partners with
Hopefully you've noticed the geotag bars underneath recent entries, and that if you click on them you're taken to the location of the shot superimposed with the Postcard itself. We've been in working with WyriMaps over the summer enabling the geotagging of screenshots onto an interactive of Azeroth. With thanks to WoWInsider who brought us together, we're both excited to confirm the partnership after some extensive testing. 

WyriMaps also features gathering nodes, flightmasters and world event NPCs for all five continents, using the familiar GoogleMaps interface. Nevik and I are slowly trawling through the 900+ shot archive adding the correct coordinates where possible and encourage you to visit the fantastic to support the endeavour. ~ Rioriel x