Sunday, 15 July 2012

CHARITY #3: Adoption Update

Hai! Quick heads up on where we're at with the red panda adoption. I was away last week for a few days, but during that time Marwell Wildlife telephoned  for confirmation of what name(s) I wanted used on the adoption certificate and on display at the visitors' enclosure. I asked for Postcards From for both. The latest is that I'm just waiting for the adoption pack to arrive, and as soon as it does I'll take photos, and let you all know when I can go and visit.

Thanks to everyone who donated, it was a warmly-received idea. Soon as I get to Marwell and can take photos of the red panda(s), I'll contact some WoW news sites and Blizzard and see if they're interested in running an article.

If you have any questions you can comment on the donations page, or catch me in-game on Real ID (European, US and Oceanic realms), or on twitter @wingtipswaltz.

Rioriel x