Tuesday, 14 February 2012

SPECIAL #39: Reader Portraits

Portraits from Azeroth: Ritual the Undying, by Rioriel Ail'theraHello readers, during the construction of the Argent Tournament I experimented with some triptych Postcards and also the (left) portrait format. For my friend's birthday, I recently posted Ritual, The Undying - a shot originally taken for the warrior in the class series. I've had Illidan and Kologarn portraits in my drafts for a while so decided to post them too, and then experimented with Gruul last week.

I'd love to feature some of my readers and friends like this on the blog, showing off their finest transmogrifications! Drop me a line in the comments or @wingtipswaltz on Twitter. An armory link would be appreciated. I'm not currently subscribed, but we can chat over Skype and I can run around on an F2P toon. xx