Rioriel Whitefeather

Hello! I'm Rioriel Whitefeather, founder of Postcards From Azeroth, and I've been playing since The Burning Crusade. The original Postcards content was posted on an in-character server newspaper for The Sha'tar EU called The Sha'tar Herald. Thumbnail shots were used to illustrate the various news stories, with a "Postcard from Azeroth" published as a weekly feature.

Alas, the key players behind the blog moved on and I was taking more screenshots than I really knew what to do with. Partly inspired Warcraft Less Traveled, the blog was born as a tribute to quests, characters and memorable moments that I'd enjoyed exploring and interacting with in-game, and to let me keep a diary of my adventures.

Outside of Azeroth, I'm a doctorate graduate living in sunny southern England, who works in music touring and management. You can contact me at @wingtipswaltz,,,, or Battle Tag Rioriel#2644 on EU realms.

In 2013's Caverns of Time WoWTCG raid deck, I was  thrilled to receive the honour of having a card named after me, which is available as an uncommon ally in the treasure pack.